Does StoreHippo have a solution to build a multi-vendor online marketplace in Saudi Arabia? Can I offer multi-currency payments to my customers?

StoreHippo expert

Yes, you can start your multi-vendor online marketplace in Saudi Arabia with StoreHippo’s inbuilt turnkey solution. Yes, you can accept payments in multiple currencies from your customers. You can easily add IP based currency-detection and price overrides or allow your customers to choose their preferred currency.

With our multi-vendor solution you get the following features:

  • Complete control to the admin/owner
  • Easy vendor registration and management
  • Integration of payment gateways of your choice
  • Product Management
  • Order approval and payment split

You can check detailed multi-vendor ecommerce features here

You can find detailed guides to help you set up your multi-vendor online marketplace here

Along with these we also have 300+ inbuilt features for handling end to end ecommerce. 

You can check the platform and features by starting your 14-day free trial store

Sep 16, 2020 6:29:12 PM


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