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Hi, We have two shops selling retail and wholesale office supplies in Saudi Arabia. I want to take my business online but we want 2 different stores but a single admin to manage orders and inventory on both these stores. Is it possible with StoreHippo?

StoreHippo expert

Yes StoreHippo offers inbuilt enterprise ecommerce solutions for enterprise businesses with requirements for both wholesale and retail models. You can easily create 2 different retail(B2C) and wholesale(B2B) stores  for your office supplies business in Saudi Arabia. You can manage both your stores with a common central admin. With the multi store solution you get the following features:

  • Build separate sub stores for different business models or customer segments
  • Unique URLs for wholesale and retail storefronts
  • Store-specific catalogue for retail or wholesale stores
  • Store-specific design and pricing for B2B and B2C business models
  • Comprehensive B2B and B2C features for enterprise businesses

You can check detailed multi-store ecommerce features here

You can find detailed guides to help you set up your multiple sub-stores here.

Along with these we also have 300+ inbuilt features for handling end to end ecommerce. 

You can check the platform and features by starting your 14-day free trial store

Apr 2, 2021 3:30:54 PM


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