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How to mention additional shipping fee for Cod amount?

I deal with Bishnupuri Silk sarees in my Fb page, price = 3599/-

When user pays online, we offer discount of 99/-, so the effective price to pay becomes: 3599 - 99 + 100 (ship) = 3600/-  

When user opts COD, the total price become 3599 + 100 (ship) + 50 (cod handling fee) = 3749/-  

I need to implement this business logic in my site .. how do I do that? Plz suggest me in details

userimage Vikramjeet
StoreHippo expert
For such a scenario where you want to charge an additional amount from the user for COD orders and 100 rupees for shipping, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: To add 100 Rupees shipping charges-
> You can define multiple shipping methods for this either based on total order amount or total order weight. For more details about shipping charges you can refer Shipping Methods

Step 2: To add 50 rupees for COD orders-
> You do have an option to mention the shipping charge(s) on the basis of the payment method which the user selects. Go to your StoreHippo admin> Settings> Payment methods and mention the additional charges in the respective payment method(s).

Following Step 1 & Step 2 will fulfill your requirement. 

May 11, 2017 1:12:08 PM


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