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I have multiple stores built on Shopify. Each store caters to customers in a different language. Can StoreHippo offer something to manage all these stores with a single dashboard ? We are a fashion and footwear business based in Turkey and need a solution that helps us integrate with local shipping partners.

StoreHippo expert

Yes with StoreHippo you can build a multilingual, multi-store ecommerce website and offer multiple language choice to your fashion & footwear customers in Turkey.  You can build multiple sub-stores with each having a different language and catering to a given country.  All these stores can be managed with a single admin. Also, you can automate your shipping and add any local shipping partner of your choice using our shipping solution.

With our multilingual ecommerce solution you get the following features:

  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Automatic translation
  • Support for Right To Left Languages
  • Support for mobile apps
  • Support for translation in themes

You can check detailed multilingual ecommerce features here

You can find detailed guides to help you set up your multilingual online store here

With the multi store solution you get the following features:

  • Location or product based sub-stores
  • Unique store URLs
  • Store-specific catalogue
  • Store-specific design and pricing
  • Central admin to manage all the store

You can check detailed multi-store ecommerce features here

You can find detailed guides to help you set up your multiple sub-stores here.

Along with these we also have 300+ inbuilt features for handling end to end ecommerce. 

You can check the platform and features by starting your 14-day free trial store

Sep 14, 2020 7:09:13 PM


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