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I own a Shopify online retail store for Australia. I want to implement B2B ecommerce selling. I want to create multiple wholesale tiers where I provide a different price, minimum quantity etc. Shopify requires many apps to solve this, I am looking for a better solution. How many apps would I need with StoreHippo for this setup?

StoreHippo expert

Hi, with StoreHippo inbuilt B2B ecommerce solutions you can easily convert your retail store into a wholesale site. Since StoreHippo offers inbuilt B2B ecommerce solutions you would not need any apps for this setup. You only need to choose a plan and pay your subscription money. 

With our B2B ecommerce solutions you get the following features:

  • Comprehensive features for B2B  ecommerce(differential pricing, custom forms, minimum quantity etc.)
  • Easily set up login, IP, store or user group based price set up
  • Request a quote and minimum order quantity
  • Mobile ready solution and a mobile admin app
  • Pricing comparison and bulk order processing

You can check detailed B2B ecommerce features here

Along with these we also have 300+ inbuilt features for handling end to end ecommerce. 

You can check the platform and features by starting your 14-day free trial store

Mar 8, 2021 9:08:02 PM


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