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Missing Features Needed On An Urgent Basis

Dear Team,

As per our telephonic conversation, below are the features which do not exist on storehippo at the moment and are quite necessary for modern day e-commerce platforms

1) Discounts based on Payment Method - In order to maximize prepaid orders and reduce COD orders

2) Bulk update of AWB numbers against orders - At present we have to 'Mark as Shipped' orders manually and we have an average of 600-700 orders a week so this is quite a tedious job.

3) Order Editing - Edits to an order such as customer address and details. Many a times, customers enter incomplete addresses which need to be edited. Also items and quantites need to be edited as per customer request.
4) COD restriction to certain customers - There should be a feature which should enable an admin to ban certain customers to place COD orders. This is a much needed feature to counter customer who have returned COD orders multiple times.

The 4 features mentioned above are much needed and are already available on other leading e-commerce platforms.

Currently we provide discounts based on prepaid payments by entering a negative value for additional charges in the payment method option. But even this workaround does not solve the issue since only fixed amount discounts can be applied. we need percentage discounts as well.

Updating AWBs manually for hundreds of orders on a daily basis is a cumbersome process and is prone to human errors.

Issue number 1 and 2 are extremely important for us to think about continuing with storehippo. Issues no 3 and 4 can still be compromised for the time being.

Kindly let me know if this can be done.


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