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Why is Google not using my meta description?

StoreHippo expert

The StoreHippo ecommerce platform allows you to enter the meta description for all the static pages, category, collection, brands, product pages individually. However, at many times, you will see that Google does not display the meta description as entered by you. This happen due to the following reasons:

  • You have not provided the meta description for each page of your e-commerce site separately. 
  • You have not resubmitted the page to Google Webmaster after updating the meta description.
  • If your description is too long or too short, then it may not get displayed accurately. So, keep the meta description between 135 to 160 characters. When the description is very long, it will be truncated. When it is very short, random data will be added.
  • You have uploaded the description with lots of keywords repeatedly. 

So, these are some main reasons why the meta description entered for the pages of your e-commerce store does not get displayed. To know more about adding the meta description in your ecommerce store, go to the helpcenter - 

Feb 9, 2021 8:09:32 PM


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